Card & Account Safety Tips

Here are some tips to keep your personal information safe from fraud. Watch out for this:
• Fraudster sends an email or text asking for confirmation of a payment.
• You reply that you didn’t make a payment.
• They may then call pretending to be the bank/business, likely using a fake phone number.

Know this before you respond. TCFCU won’t ever ask you for your login credentials, including your password or passcode. We also won’t call you and ask you for personal information.
• If you aren’t sure, hang up and call us directly.
• Do not give anyone you don’t know your personal information.
• Avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments in email, text or a direct message. It’s never safe.

Report it! If someone claims to be from TCFCU and you suspect it’s a scam, do not give them your personal information. Report it to the authorities and call us (231) 946-6655 to add a pass phrase on your account.

You may also sign up for CARD ALERTS to see exactly what’s posting to your credit union accounts at any given time. This feature can alert you to transactions originating with your card and serves as a safeguard to your account too!

To get started in our free mobile app, login and select More. Then choose Manage My Cards from the top, right. Then, choose Edit Activity Alert Settings, Enable Push Notifications, and toggle to Enable Activity Alerts.

Activating these alerts provides the quickest notification of any unauthorized activity. If you notice any suspicious transactions you can “turn off” your card by logging in, select More, and Manage My Cards to inactivate your card. Be sure to call the CU anytime you identify a suspicious transaction.