Boats & Recreational Vehicles

Boats, Campers, Travel Trailers, RV, Small Equipment, Carry-On Trailer
Model Year
Loan AmountTermsAPR as low as:
2011-2021-12 to 48 months4.00%
2011-2021$15,000 or more72 months4.50%
2011-2021$50,000 or more120 months
2010 and older-12 to 48 months6.00%
2010 and older$15,000 or more72 months6.50%
2010 and older
$50,000 or more120 months7.75%
ATV, Side-By-Side, Jet Ski, Snowmobile
Model Year
Rate As-Low-As
2018 and Older5.24%


Annual Percentage Rates current as of June 12, 2020 and are subject to change at any time.  Rate may be higher or lower depending on your credit history and term chosen.

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