TCFCU Latest News

Equifax Security Breach

In case you haven’t heard, credit monitor Equifax experienced a security breach and you may be effected. Please be sure to keep a close watch on your finances and check your credit reports!
Read more about the breach here.

New Debit Cards

Debit Mastercard EMV Chip Cards Important Information 
Our new Debit Mastercards have been rolled out.  You should have received your replacement card in June.  These replacement cards are mandated by Mastercard to comply with the new EMV Chip Technology. Your replacement card has a new number and expiration date. It will be important that you update any automated billings you have set up over the years to reflect this new number, as the old number has ceased to function.

You may customize your PIN at the ATM at our main branch ATM or our ATM at the BP Gas Station in Lake Leelanau.

New Name!

We are happy to announce our new name, Traverse Catholic Federal Credit Union, and we will be opening a NEW BRANCH near East Bay in the fall!