Fee Schedule

Money Orders & TCFCU Checks$2.00
Photocopies & FaxesFirst 5 pages free, then $0.50 per page
Account Verification$5.00
Statement Copies$2.00 per statement
Account History Print Out$2.00 per account
Phone Transfers$2.00 per transfer
Member ID Card Replacement$2.00 per card
Domestic Outgoing Wire$20.00 per wire
International Outgoing Wire$40.00 per wire
Incoming Wire$2.00 per wire
Electronic Data Interchange$10.00 per item
Special Request Look Up$10.00 per account
Dormant Accounts$7.50 per month
Paper Statement Fee$1.00 per statement
Fee for Writ of Garnishments or Levies$40.00 per item
Escheated Account$40.00 per item
Return Statement$6.50 per item
Cancel Membership < 180 days$20.00 per account
ACH On-Demand Posting$15.00 per post
Coin Machine10% of Coin Redemption
Hand Post Fee$2.00 per item
Non-Member On Us Check Cashing*$5.00 per item
Non-Member Notary (free for Veterans, nonprofits and members)$5.00 per item
Share & Share Draft Accounts
Copy of a Cleared Check (Free Online up to 1 Year)$3.00 per item
Daily Negative Balance Fee$2.00 per day
Service Fee for Business Checking Accounts$5.00 per month
Stop Payment on a Check or ACH$27.00 per item
NSF$30.00 per item
Non Return Fee$27.00 per item
Deposited Check Returned Unpaid$20.00 per item
Bill PayFREE!
Assistance to Balance Checking Account$10.00 per hour
Starter Checks$2.00 per sheet of checks
ATM & Debit Card
ATM/Debit Replacement Cards$10.00 per card
SurchargeAt Co-op Network machines, no charge
ATM Transaction Fee5 Free Transactions per month, then $1.00 each
ATM Transaction Fee for Non Member$3.00 per item
ATM/Debit Card PIN Replacement$2.00 per request

All fees are subject to change, and all fees may not be listed in this disclosure.  Revised 12/1/2020.

*”Non-member on us check cashing” fee does not include shared branching members.

Download a copy of this fee schedule HERE.