Savings Products

Prime Share Savings

When you open a Prime Shares account, you become an official member of TCFCU and become eligible to enjoy all the benefits we have to offer. With a $5 minimum balance, no service charges, competitive interest rates and easy access through your ATM and MasterCard Debit Cards, this convenient account will help you save money!

Money Market Savings

This savings account is designed for those who maintain a higher savings balance and make less frequent withdrawals. Monthly dividends are paid at a competitive interest rate typically higher than our Prime Shares rate.

Student Shares Savings

Designed for students in grades K-12, to help these younger savers establish membership and earn interest. They also have access to Online & Mobile Banking.

Please note: Students under 13 must have a parent/guardian on the account.

Share Draft Checking

TCFCU offers the most affordable checking account around! We do not have any monthly service charges or per check fees — all with only a $5 minimum balance. If you are over age 55, receive one free box of checks a year completely free (if chosen from a special selection)!

Share Certificates (CD)

These investments are ideal for long-term savings but require only a short-term commitment! You can choose from a wide variety of terms, and you can open an TCFCU Share Certificate with as little as $500 for six months.

IRAs and IRA Certificates

Individual Retirement Accounts will help you save for your future. Setting up an TCFCU IRA lets you enjoy important tax advantages now and will supplement your pension and Social Security benefits when you retire. Our IRA certificates typically offer higher savings interest rates for your long-term investments.

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